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About the Company

Tofigh Daru Research & Engineering Company, established in 2000, is the R&D center of Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company (TPICO) which strategically manages the pharmaceutical companies belonging to Social Security Investment Company in Iran.

about us

At first, TODA (Tofigh Daru) was set up developing new API & Fine chemical projects and executing API plants and successfully accomplished many projects, such as Para-Aminophenol (PAP) in Mashhad, Para-Nitrochlorobenzene (PNCB) in Tabriz, Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and N-Vinylpyrrolidone (NVP) in Saveh and the Corticosteroids plant in Atra Pharmaceutical Company.

In 2003, TODA started its pharmaceutical peptide project, R&D activities for developing API know-how and Molecular Biology projects, by virtue of having creative experts, experienced scientists and well-equipped facilities.



Tofigh Daru Research & Engineering Company

The current building of Tofigh Daru Company was designed and constructed in 1956 with the collaboration of a British pharmaceutical company called Allen and Hanburys.

At the begging, it was established under the title of the Charity Institution of Darou Pakhsh affiliated to Social Service Organization and started its activity with 30 people, some of them educated in England.

In addition to the original goal of being a research and development center of Darou Pakhsh Company, TODACO later launched different production sites by the aid of its technological expertise.
Today, Tofigh Daru Research and Engineering Company is a workplace for more than 200 people.

In 2003, TODA started its pharmaceutical peptide project, R&D activities for developing API know-how and Molecular Biology projects, by virtue of having creative experts, experienced scientists and well-equipped facilities.


TODA is now active in the following areas:

  • Creating know-how for API production
  • Manufacturing high-purity custom peptides for academic and research institutions
  • Synthesis, purification and formulation of peptide drugs
  • Production of LVHV APIs
  • System Biology studies and Drug Design
  • Molecular Biology research focused on gene therapy of cancer
  • Research and production of Pharmaceutical Nanoliposome Carrier
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering services, including renovation and rebuilding of existing facilities as well as construction of new plants according to GMP requirements
  • Pharmaceutical formulation and preparation of registration documents for DMF or CTD
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Control services
  • Training services relevant to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry
We’re a company
that takes on the toughest health challenges.

But we do more than treat diseases—we aim to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. We are Tofighdaru, a highly focused research-driven biopharmaceutical company.

We target specific difficult-to-cure diseases where we can leverage our core R&D expertise to advance science. We’re constantly working to create solutions that go beyond treating the illness to have a positive impact on patients’ lives, on societies—and on science itself.

At Tofigh daru, we see a future full of possibility, where health is in reach and patient lives are improved. See our employees, our science and our hope for tomorrow:

Our principles are foundational

Tofighdaru identity is shaped by the work we do - producing innovative medicines, continually investing in our pipeline, and giving back to create healthier, more vibrant communities. Most of all, this identity has been shaped by the beliefs we share that have emerged organically since Tofighdaru began.

Our Principles is profound, and our path is clear. We embrace the responsibility of making a remarkable impact on people's lives through the innovative medicines and solutions we create together. This is driven by our compassion for people, commitment to innovation and inclusion, service to the community, and uncompromising integrity at the heart of everything we do.

We strive to always do the right thing, pursuing the highest standards in quality, compliance, safety, and performance. In everything we do, we invest and innovate relentlessly to tackle unmet needs, creating new medicines and healthcare approaches for a healthier world.

our employees embrace diverse backgrounds and perspectives and treat everyone equally, with dignity and respect, allowing us all to achieve our best.

We proudly do our part to serve and support our communities and protect the environment, making a lasting impact that's felt within healthcare and beyond.

Messege From the President

Our culture is one that is committed to operating with integrity, embracing diversity and inclusion, serving our community, driving innovation and transforming lives.

Our principles are foundational. They unite us, guide our decisions and inspire us.

MohamadAmin Rezavnfar
managing director