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Our purpose

Established in 2000, Tofigh Daru Research & Engineering Company (TODACO) is a research and development (R&D) center and part of Tamin Phamaceutical Investment Company (TPICO) that is the largest pharmaceutical holding of Iran. As a part of governmental Social Security Investment Company, TPICO owns and manages some pharmaceutical companies in Iran.

As a research-based company, TODACO has been involved in development and production of diverse range of active pharmaceuticals (APIs) to be used in various finished dosages forms.

At TODACO, we also provide services in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical formulation and preparation of registration documents for DMF or CTD
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Control services
  • Training services relevant to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Creating technical knowledge for high-tech API production
  • Production of Low Volume, High Value (LVHV) APIs in different therapeutic areas, such as Immune-Modulating, Narcotic, Cardiovascular, Endocrine System and Anticancer
  • Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy
  • Molecular Biology Research focused on anticancer medicines
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering Services according to GMP requirements